Why Us?

We don’t just build attractive websites. We build attractive businesses.

Why We’re Different

Simply put, we are marketers. We help our clients take their products and services to market. But we aren’t just any marketers. Not only do we help our clients take their products to market, we do so in such a way as to help them sell as many of their products as possible, for as much as possible, for as long as possible. Pretty attractive proposition, right? It really is. But accomplishing it is another story altogether–and most companies never pull it off. So how do we do it? Well, we don’t wave a magic wand, and there isn’t a magic pill, but we do have a secret formula–Experience. Education. Innovation. Ingenuity. Hard work.

We develop customized and highly innovative search engine optimization and digital marketing solutions, based on a Best Practices approach, designed to help each of our clients rise above the competition. Sounds really cool, right? … but what exactly does it mean? It means that we help you identify and then achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in your respective market space. At the end of the day, we help you develop a profitable online marketing strategy that your competitors are unable to duplicate. In a competitive market, this truly is the only way to maximize sales and ensure long-term profitability.

So why should you work with us? We know what we’re doing and we get results. Consider our track record. We’ve been
developing top performing websites and internet marketing strategies for 16 years. We’ve quite literally helped hundreds of destination websites achieve top search rankings in Google, and position themselves online at the forefront of their industries. We made some mistakes during our early days–everyone did–but we learned from those mistakes, improved, and now have the experience to help you avoid many common online marketing blunders many companies make when attempting to market their business online. We have the experience and expertise to help you evaluate your online marketing initiatives, identify any holes in your line of thinking, and develop a strong online strategy that will set you apart from your competitors.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Hype

As we look back at the history of the internet, we’re amazed at how much the industry has evolved over a relatively
short period of time. When we first started creating websites and developing internet marketing strategies back in 2001, the internet was nothing like it is today. No one knew what algorithm driven search engine was because it didn’t exist. Google was just getting started. Social media was found only in tabloids. Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? They existed only in the imaginations of a fortunate few. The tools and systems we used for developing websites, and then bringing them to market, were archaic compared to what we use today.

Technology evolves and changes–and it will continue to do so. Every year we see new and improved tools, technologies
and systems for evaluating, researching and developing new online marketing approaches, systems and models. But one
thing hasn’t changed–strategy. The fundamentals of developing a sound business model and marketing strategy are the
same today as they were in 2001. Having an attractive website is useful. Adding a blog to your site increases
stickiness, and may support SEO efforts. Setting up web-based chat and video conferencing are also very useful tools.
But blogs, chat, video conferencing, and even websites themselves, are just tools. Some people believe the more cutting edge the tools and gadgets they use, or add to their website, they more competitive their offering will be–but don’t be fooled. While flashy in concept and appearance, tools are not strategies. They’re simply tools.

Many SEO, marketing and web design firms build compelling web properties for their clients with really cool tools. They follow up this offering with amazing analytical reports that show everything occurring on your website. But even a compelling website, with lots of cool tools, and insightful analytics, can still be unprofitable if isn’t developed as part of a strategy leading to a sustainable competitive advantage. We love new tools and technologies as next as much as the next guy, and we use a lot of them, but we only incorporate new tools and technologies if they support an underlying strategy. Remember, the difference between success and failure is found in the quality of your strategy, not your tools.

Experience That Counts

We’ve been developing winning search engine optimization and digital marketing marketing strategies for years. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know the best way to create a website and on online marketing strategy to drive targeted website traffic to your site and qualified customers for your business. You can learn more about our strategic approach to developing a winning strategy on our search engine optimization page. You can learn more about our experience by meeting our founders below.

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Our Founders

Over 50 years combined experience in web design, programming, strategy design and digital marketing technologies.
Becton Loveless
Becton Loveless
CEO & Founder, MBA
Becton Loveless is a digital marketing strategist and SEO expert with over 16 years experience developing top performing, internet driven marketing campaigns and solutions. Over his career he has launched and sold several successful online businesses and help business owners and entrepreneurs across the nation use the internet to launch
Lee Biglar
Lee Biglar
VP of Business Development
Former management consultant with Monitor Company and entrepreneur, Lee is a skilled manager with more than 15 years experience in business management, new business development and digital marketing. Lee grew his previous company to over $12 million in annual sales and has helped hundreds of people launch their own businesses.
Jamon Scott
Jamon Scott
Jamon Scott, chief technology officer (CTO), leads Inteliture's long-term technology vision, and is responsible for the development and support of many of Inteliture's technology driven marketing products and services. Jamon facilitates the technical community within Inteliture and provides the strategic vision for all technology solutions.