is a trade show display company. But they don't just build displays. They offer their customers a range of services designed to help them profit from attending trade show events. From planning a display strategy to execution to show management and after-show followup, Applerock is dedicated to helping it customers take advantage of all the marketing and profit building opportunities presented at the thousands of trade shows and events that are sponsored throughout the world each year. Applerock has over 15,000 customers nationwide and has represented several fortune-500 companies, including LOWES Home Improvement.

Client: Mark Luvano
Project type: Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing

55 %

Increase in traffic

20 %

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Trade show display sales and consulting is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has relatively few barriers to entry and has thousands of players. Anyone with a little marketing expertise, a computer and business acumen can start a trade show display company. However, given the high level of industry competition, only the best companies are able to grow and survive long term. AppleRock came to Inteliture during a time of uncertainty in the search engine marketing industry. Inteliture was tasked with helping regain many search engine rankings the company had lost to savvy industry marketers. Inteliture was tasked with helping Applerock reinvent its search engine marketing strategy.


There was no silver bullet that would enable AppleRock to regain the search engine rankings it had lost over the period of about a year. After several days of performing in-depth industry research and competitive analysis we were able to identify several competitive strategies to help AppleRock start regaining the ground it had lost. One strategy we developed involved producing a free "trade show handbook" that Applerock would provide at no cost to its website visitors and the industry at large.


We'd like to report that overnight we were able to recover all of's lost search engine rankings–but it didn't happen that way. We were able to help Applerock regain many of its most important rankings, but it took a lot of hard work, time and effort. We implemented a best-practices approach to website design, content marketing and link building that allowed to regain much of the ground it had lost. The site eventually achieved double digit growth in organic search engine traffic and achieved a front page ranking in Google for the highly coveted industry keyword "trade show displays".