CedarWorks is a designer and manufacturer of high-end play sets and systems–including three lines of swing sets, outdoor furniture and backyard toys. And when we say high-end, we're not kidding.CedarWorks outdoor product lines are made exclusively of all-natural Northern White Cedar and can cost up to $50,000. CedarWorks was established in 1981 and initially marketed it products through traditional print advertising. However, with the advent of the internet that all changed. Today, a majority of consumers start their search for a play set online.


CedarWorks hired Inteliture to help it develop a comprehensive internet and search engine marketing strategy for its website and product lines.

Client: Mark Luvano
Project type: Web Design, SEO, PPC, Strategy

65 %

Increase in traffic

45 %

Increase in Leads


Even though CedarWorks designed and manufactured some of the most luxurious and high quality play sets in the world, they faced stiff online competition from a number of vendors, including lowes, costco, toysrus, homedepot and a whole slew of smaller "mom and pop" shops. One of the biggest challenges the company faced, with respect to online marketing, is that their target market was individuals (primarily stay at home moms) with an income in excess of $200,000 a year. Their target demographic made up less than 15% of the market. About 85% of the market was looking or a low priced playset ranging from $500 to $3,000.


We recognized almost immediately that CedarWorks couldn't compete on price with the vast majority of play set manufacturers and vendors-and they didn't want to. Our job was to help CedarWorks cost-efficiently, and effectively, get in front of their target market demographic online. We implemented a complex pay-per-click marketing strategy to identify which keywords converted best and provided the most value for CedarWorks. We then used the data we collected to develop a targeted organically driven search engine optimization strategy and campaign.


After several weeks of A/B bivariate and multi-variate testing using pay-per-click marketing in Google adwords we were able to determine which sets of keywords and keyword phrases (1) reached CedarWork's target demographic and (2) provided the best conversion and ROI. Using this data we developed a content driven link building strategy and search engine optimization campaign that effectively increase organic rankings in Google, whereby generating tremendous growth in website traffic and sales.