CollegeAltas was the brain child of the Becton Loveless, CEO and Head Marketing Strategist at Inteliture. was designed to accomplished something seemingly impossible, pentrate the competitive online adult education industry on a shoe string budget. Impossible? Not at all.

Client: One-on-One Marketing
Project type: Strategy, SEO, Web Design

988 %

Increase in traffic

300 %

Increase in Leads


Adult education is one of the most lucrative industries on the web—but it’s also one of the most competitive. For-profit education behemoths, including University of Phoenix (Apollo Group), DeVry, Kaplan, Strayer University, Liberty University, Walden University and Capella University dominate the landscape and make market entry very difficult for any would-be competitor without deep pockets or a large marketing budget.


We identified that even though many prominent adult education websites had a large number of incoming links, many of these links were “bad” links that came from irrelevant, low-quality, even “spammy” websites. The strategy behind was quite straight forward, simple actually–bring to market a truly “pure” adult education offering. An offering not plaqued with the commercial bias, misinformation, false marketing, and limited scope that defined about 90% of all other adult education websites. Everything that went into the development of, from the selection of a .org domain, to the site layout, to the content, to the marketing position statements, uniquely positioned the website as one of the only true authoritative and “pure” resource websites in the adult education space.


We launched a massive link building campaign aimed at developing an inbound link profile unrivaled by any other adult education website on the Internet. Did our strategy work? You be the judge. We generated over 1,000 quality backlinks within a year. We acheived front page rankings in Google and Bing for thousands of industry relevant keywords. We acheived the #1 Ranking in Google for “associate of arts”, #1 Ranking in Google for “bachelors of science”, #1 Ranking in Google for “bachelor of science”, #1 Ranking in Google for “associate of applied science” and many other relevant keywords. We acheived 4,000 to 6,000 new unique organic visitors a day.