Language learning is a highly competitive online industry. It’s dominated by well-funded and well-established language learning behemoths, including Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel and ITutorGroup, to name just a few. When Visual Link Spanish first engaged Inteliture with the proposition of helping their company grow organically in the online language learning space, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Specifically, they wanted our help expanding their product line into new language learning verticals by increasing their rankings for relevant keyword searches in Google and Bing.

Client: Visual Link Spanish
Project type: Strategy Design, Website Development, National SEO

650 %

Increase in traffic

150 %

Increase in Leads


Developing and implementing effective search engine marketing campaigns for organizations in highly competitive online industries requires much more than run-of-the-mill search engine optimization — it requires in depth competitive analysis, technical project management, and exceptional strategy design expertise. Most importantly, it requires the ability to be innovative and think outside the box. Garnering rankings to compete with well funded rivals including Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel would require a innovative strategy not easily duplicated by the competition.


Based on extensive industry research and competitive analysis we proposed to Visual Link Spanish the development a new web property, learnalanguage.com. Learnalanguage.com would bring to the table various elements of a successful web-based strategy that could not be achieved through the company’s existing commercial websites. Learnalanguage.com would be positioned as a free language learning resource in an industry comprised almost entirely of for-profit language websites that promoted a pay-for-play model.


So did the strategy work? Was it worth the investment? You be the judge. We a achieved the #2 ranking in Google for the keyword “learn a language”—one of the most coveted and competitive industry keywords. We achieved the #1 ranking in Bing for the keyword “learn a language”. We beat out Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel for many top industry keyword rankings. The site has maintained all rankings in SERPs for several years up to the present. We generated over 2000 new unique and targeted visitors a day and over 400 organic incoming links to support website growth during the initial campaign. Most importantly, we were able to develop a marketing strategy that left the competition in the dust.