Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts is a premier provider of rapid prototyping, direct digital manufacturing, tooling and injection molding services and solutions. So what exactly does Solid Concepts do? In short, they help companies develop prototypes of their products–and they're one of the best in the industry. Before an inventor takes his product to market, he has Solid Concepts develop a prototype he can present to investors and manufacturers. Before a company like Protor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson or Ferrari launches a new product, they have a company like Solid Concepts develop the initial prototype.

Client: Solid Concepts
Project type: Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC

80 %

Increase in keyword rankings

110 %

Increase in online leads


As one of the first and only players in the rapid prototyping industry, Solid Concepts had always taken their prominent position in search engine results for granted. However, with the entry of several competitors, over time, Solid Concepts experienced a decline in website traffic, leads and new sales coming from their dwindling internet presence. They were getting drowned out by a hoard of new online competitors. Solid Concepts hired Inteliture to help turn the tide.


After several days of in-depth industry research and analysis we were able to identify several areas where Solid Concepts was failing. We implemented a comprehensive approach to rebuilding their search engine presence which started with optimizing their PPC campaign in order to get them back on track financially as quickly as possible. We redesigned their website, implementing a best-practices approach that was SEO friendly. Finally, we implemented an aggressive content development and marketing campaign that repositioned the company, and its website, as an industry authority.


Solid Concepts saw immediate results from the optimization of their PPC marketing efforts. Their cost-per-lead and cost-per-acquistion figures dropped while their overall online sales increased. The effects of having a new, optimized website were felt almost immediately. Overnight, the site experienced a dramatic increase in search engine rankings. But the icing on the cake came from the implementation of the content development and marketing strategy. Not only did the company regain its position as an authoritative figure within the industry, but much of its content was disseminated across the internet–generating backlinks to the site and driving its rankings through the roof.