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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy Design

With billions of people using search engines every day to locate a product or service, establishing a strong organic presence in search engines is vital for any size business. Notwithstanding, increasing competition and ever-changing technology makes it difficult for most businesses to create and maintain a profitable Web presence.

Our organic SEO solutions apply advanced internet marketing techniques, innovative optimization strategies and follow a best practices policy, closely adhering to the criteria and rules set forth by the search engines. We identify the ideal mix of custom search engine marketing strategies and services to accomplish our clients’ specific goals – ensuring both cost-effective search engine marketing services and quality results.

Why We’re Different

Many of the SEO services and solutions provided in the search engine marketing world are driven by misinformation, false advertising and hype. Consumers are misinformed by self proclaimed search engine marketing professionals with little real-world experience, many business owners are stuck in the past not willing to give up their antiquated notions of what search engine optimization is all about (and what really works), and the large majority of online marketing companies promote technical website optimization and artificial link generation as the “end all” to your search engine marketing woes. The truth be know, search engine optimization is not the same today as it was even five years ago. SEO techniques, strategies, and tricks that worked five years ago – when many search engines were in their infancy – do not work today. Unfortunately, many SEO companies still employ these antiquated techniques while promoting a myriad of cool new tools – that while flashy in concept and appearance – provide little to help build a strong online presence or establish a sustainable competitive advantage for their client.

Our Approach

At Inteliture we employ only proven SEO marketing models that are based on sound principles to create search engine optimization campaigns that provide meaningful long-term results for our clients. And while we employ the same analytical methodologies for each client, we develop unique and highly innovative strategies that enable each client to rise above the competition in their respective online market space.

While the specific SEO marketing services and techniques we use vary by campaign, we always employ a common five step approach: (1) Industry Research, (2) Competitive Analysis, (3) Strategy Development, (4) Implementation and (5) Followup.

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