Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just a fad, it’s the future of Internet communication. It’s the key to reaching out and engaging your customers.

With social media marketing businesses can now connect directly with their clients in ways never before possible. Whether you’re developing a simple blog to keep your website visitors informed or building a large themed based online community to attract new customers, Inteliture’s social media services can help you position your organization at the forefront of this marketing opportunity.

Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are continuing to grow and evolve, and new social media sites are popping up regularly. There are a myriad of ways that you can take advantage of these social media websites to increase brand awareness for your company, encourage customer loyalty, manage your reputation, or communicate important marketing messages. Our team of social media marketing experts can help you combine social media marketing with other forms of Internet marketing to drive more visitors to your site, increase your website’s retention and present the best image possible of your organization.

Our services include:

Profile Management

We will help you connect with your target community by setting up and managing multiple profiles on top social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.)


We’ll provide your organization with the traing you need to optimize your presence via social media marketing. We’ll introduce you to a number of different way you can use various social media venues to market your business and we’ll show you how work closely with your community.

Content Development/Copywriting

As is the case with other forms of Internet marketing, superior content development is very important to establishing a strong social media marketing campaign. Our team of content developers and copywriters can help you produce professional, unique, and ultimately powerful content designed to effectively support all aspects of your social media marketing endeavors.

Blog Marketing

Blogs are useful for providing your customers and website visitors with exciting news, tips and relevent commentary while providing algorithm driven search engines with a stream of fresh, up-to-date content to index. We can help you create and manage a blog if you do not already have one, or we can help you use your existing blog to attract new visitors and links to your website.

Social Media Application Development

Our team of experienced developers can help you create compelling and highly interactive social media applications that are specific to your business or industry. Innovative and relevant social media applications are an excellent way to develop loyal customers and build a large community.

Multivariate Testing

While social media marketing is extremely effective, not every aspect of social media marketing is useful to every company. Together we can help you discover which aspects of social media marketing are going to be most advantageous for your company to pursue. Multivariate testing is one of the most effective ways to find out which aspects of social media marketing will work best for you.

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