Case Study

The k12 education industry is different from just about every other sector on the Internet. Education technology, learning formats and the online competitive landscape are constantly evolving. Well-funded startups enter the market regularly with new and better education offerings. Many consumers don’t initially want to pay for the learning experience. What does this mean? Most of the Internet marketing tactics and strategies that work for other companies won’t work in k12 education. To be successful in this industry, you always have to be at the top of your game. Not only do you have to apply a best practices approach to search engine optimization and digital marketing, you must be proactive and constantly innovate. came to Inteliture initially because they needed a focused SEO plan, along with marketing training for their team. Over the period of several years the company had seen their search engine rankings drop, and website traffic was dwindling. They didn’t understand what was happening. They hadn’t changed at all. And that was precisely the problem, their industry had. They needed to change the direction they were headed in a big way.

Industry Research

Intial industry research on behalf of yielded the following finds:

  • Many of the education services consumers had once been willing to pay for they now wanted at no cost. Consumers could find comprehensive k12 education tutorials for free on that provided the same benefit as the products many education companies had once charged for.
  • Education consumers had a much higher quality expectation than previously. Over a period of less than a decade the entire consumer demographic in education changed. Where online education courses offered via email or pdf downloads were once acceptable, students now demanded a highly interactive online learning experience that was engaging. They would only settle for the latest and greatest in e-learning experience and technology.
  • Just as encyclopedia britannica went the way of the dodo with the advent of the internet and introduction of Google and wikipedia, online education companies that couldn’t adapt their product offerings were also disappearing.
  • Even though consumers were demanding more for less, there was a growing number of consumers turning to the internet to take advantage of education offerings. The number of relevant keywords searches being performed by consumers (parents, students and educators) seeking educational information, products and services was skyrocketing. For those education companies that had what it took to adapt and innovate, there was a growing market for their products and services.

Competitive Analysis

Even though the number of relevant keyword searches being performed by online consumers was growing, so was the number of education startups targeting these key words. The one thing that differentiated these new market entrants from their predecessors was innovation. Most new entrants into the online k12 education industry were offering new and innovate products, services, learning formats and systems never before seen. Older education companies, we’re facing a stark reality, adapt or die.

Strategy and Implementation

Inteliture not only helped come to terms with the writing on the wall, they helped them reinvent and reposition themselves within the online education arena. decided to reinvent themselves as an education lead generation company, and we helped them do it.

We implemented a targeted keyword optimization strategy that enabled to play to its stength, content development. Specifically, we helped identify several free online education tutorials they could develop, including a premier study skills guide and college ranking report, to support link grow to their website in order to increase and maintain organic keyword rankings in Google, Bing and other algorithm driven search engines.

Results and Achievements

  • Achieved competitive keyword rankings
  • #1 ranking in Google for “study skills”
  • #1 ranking in Bing for “study skills”
  • #1 ranking in Google for “study skills for students”
  • #2 ranking in Google for “top 100 colleges”
  • #1 ranking in Google for “colleges with highest acceptance rates”
  • #1 ranking in Google for “study habits”
  • #1 ranking in Google for “list of college degrees”
  • Increased front page keyword rankings by 100%
  • Increased organic site traffic by 70%
  • Achieved over 4,000 unique visitors a day organically

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