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Developing and implementing effective search engine marketing campaigns for organizations in highly competitive online industries requires much more than run-of-the-mill search engine optimization — it requires in depth competitive analysis, technical project management, and exceptional strategy design expertise. Most importantly, it requires the ability to be innovative and think outside the box.

Language learning is a highly competitive online industry. It’s dominated by well-funded and well-established language learning behemoths including Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel and ITutorGroup, to name just a few. When Visual Link Spanish first engaged Inteliture with the proposition of helping their company grow organically in the online language learning space, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Specifically, they wanted our help expanding their product line into new language learning verticals by increasing their rankings for relevant keyword searches in Google and Bing.

Industry Research

The first step in any effective search engine optimization (SEO) or digital marketing campaign is industry research. Many aspiring marketers and business owners dump thousands into organic search engine optimization and digital marketing only to find out, even after driving hordes of new website visitors, the opportunity to sell their product or service online was not nearly as profitable as they first supposed. The website visitors came, and “visited”, but they didn’t buy. In simplest terms, industry analysis is designed to make sure that marketing your product or service online is going to be profitable for your organization. Visual Link Spanish was a well established language learning corporation with a long track record of profitable online sales. They simply needed to grow.

Competitive Analysis

Without question, competitive analysis is the most important aspect of an effective digital marketing campaign – and is the key to developing a winning strategy. Notwithstanding, it’s where most SEO and digital marketing firms fall short of hitting the mark.

After several days of competitive research and analysis, our team compiled a list of target keywords that would (1) drive profitable web traffic and (2) support Visual Link’s goal of expanding their product line into new language groups. After discussion with Visual Link we identified “learn a language” as the no.1 keyword we wanted to target. We also determined that a traditional approach to optimizing and marketing one of Visual Link’s already existing web properties would not achieve the rankings, or results, they were looking for. Keyword competition was intense.

Strategy Design

At the end of the day, search engine optimization and digital marketing is all about developing a winning strategy. A winning strategy has two key components. First, a winning strategy has to be achievable. Second, a winning strategy has to be sustainable. In essence, a winning strategy should establish a sustainable competitive advantage. Why invest a ton of money in online marketing just to have your competitor come along, duplicate what you’ve done and oust you from the market position you achieved?

Based on the outcome of both our industry research and competitive analysis we proposed to Visual Link Spanish the development a new web property, would bring to the table various elements of a successful web-based strategy that could not be achieved through the company’s existing websites. would be positioned as a free language learning resource in an industry comprised almost entirely of commercial language websites that promoted a pay-for-play model.


Implementation is simply an extension of a sound strategy. This is the step where top performing websites, like, are born. Through extensive collaboration between our strategy team and in-house team of designers, the physical concept of was created. Two months later, we launched the site.

Results and Achievements

So did the strategy work? Was worth the investment? Take a look at the figures and achievements below and you be the judge.

  • Achieved the #2 ranking in Google for the keyword “learn a language”
  • Achieved the #1 ranking in Bing for the keyword “learn a language”
  • Beat out Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel for many top industry keyword rankings
  • Has maintained all rankings in SERPs for several years through the present
  • Generated thousands of unique and targeted visitors a day
  • Generated over 200 organic incoming links to support website growth during initial campaign
  • Continually garners new organic backlinks from other industry websites because of its value as an industry resource
  • Effectively established several new language groups to support product expansion
  • Achieved a sustainable competitive advantage!

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