Engage your customers like never before.

Through our advanced mobile SMS technology and marketing strategies, we help our clients increase customer loyalty; find new customers; reactivate past customers; maximize the value of current customers; and engage their customers like never before.


Geotargeting is one of the most effective ways to find and acquire new customers quickly. Our geotargeting services are designed for small to large companies who provide geographic-based products and services unique customer groups.

Custom Messaging

Reach out and engage your customers on a personal level. Let them know you know who they are and that you value their business. SMS custom messaging provides you the ability to bring your products, services and messaging directly to each customer's doorstep in a personal and powerful way.

SMS Autoresponder

Fewer and fewer consumers are willing to leave voice messages. If you don't answer your phone on the first ring, you're loosing customers. Set up Inteliture SMS autoreponder for your business and never loose a prospective customer to the competition again. Our advanced SMS autoreponder system employs artificial intelligence that allows you to immediately respond to and engage prospective customers - even when you're unavailable!

Customer Reactivation

Inteliture's SMS messaging services provide you one of the most powerful methods for quickly and easily re-engaging past customers and generating new business. Customer reactivation is one of the most profitable applications of our SMS messaging technology.

Customer Retention

Many businesses lose about half of their customer base every 5 years, don't be one of the statistics. Customer retention is up to 15 times more cost effective than acquiring new customers. Promote customer loyalty and retention with personalized announcements, discounts and coupons using our advanced SMS messaging service.

Customer Review Generation

Online customer reviews not only affect your reputation, they influence how prominently your company will appear in local search results. Our cutting-edge SMS technology and proprietary customer engagement system generates positive online reviews that will improve your reputation, rankings and revenues.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce missed appointments and no-shows by 80-100% with Inteliture appointment reminder text messaging. Our automated customizable text messaging doesn't just free up your staff, it reaches patients where, how, and with the frequency that they need in order to make that appointment? And even make it on time!

SMS vs Email. The Good and the Bad.

The difference in effectiveness of SMS over email marketing is not only measurable, it's astounding. For starters, the percentage of emails which get opened is roughly 22%, compared to a whopping 98% of text messages which are opened and read. The percentage of clicks on a URL received in an email is an average of 4.2%, where the CTR of an SMS message is nearly 20%.

While the effectiveness of email marketing is diminishing, SMS marketing is quickly becoming more and more common, with performance far superior to that of email marketing.*

(Note: For many businesses, email open rates can be as low as 5%.)
*The Radicati Group