Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

When it comes to achieving and maintaining a successful online business, experience makes all the difference. For nearly 10 years, our team of highly skilled Internet marketing professionals has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers develop and implement highly successful Internet marketing campaigns by applying proven marketing principles and developing highly innovative strategies that help set our clients apart from the competition.

We have a proven track record for helping companies in diverse industries achieve measurable bottom-line results. Browse or case studies to see the difference Inteliture could make for your organization!

Large Enterprise

Developing and implementing effective Internet marketing campaigns for large organizations requires more than just search engine marketing expertise — it requires exceptional project management, technical analysis, departmental integration, and communication skills. From initial implementation and adoption across an organization, to continually enhancing performance results, Inteliture is experienced at assisting large enterprises meet and exceed their online marketing expectations.

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Lead Generation

Inteliture was first established in 2000 as a lead generation company. Ten years later we remain at the forefront of the industry. Drawing on our experience we can help your organization identify the most cost-effective search engine marketing strategy to launch, grow, and maintain your lead generation model. Our lead generation clients include many industries such as education, technology, web development, real estate, and finance.

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Retail & Ecommerce

As you’re probably already aware, the online retail & eCommerce industry is extremely competitive. Traditional search engine marketing campaigns used to promote large corporate websites, professional websites, or service websites won’t work for eCommerce websites. At Inteliture we’ve developed, and continue to develop, innovative search engine optimization, viral marketing and social media marketing strategies that enable our clients to rise above the competition and generate profitable, high-volume website traffic.

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Small Business

Most small businesses struggle to create and maintain a profitable Web presence. Small businesses must compete with large and medium size businesses online, but they typically don’t have the deep pockets or marketing budgets that large to medium sized businesses do. We started out as small business. We grew our business online using highly innovative, yet cost-effective strategies that allowed us to become one of the top players in our industry. Let us introduce your company to some of the small business marketing strategies that will enable you to out rank even the big boys!

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Technology & Education

The technology and education industries are two of the most lucrative online industries in the world, but they are also among the most competitive. Putting together a winning online search engine optimization and Internet marketing campaign in either of these industries requires innovative, cutting-edge strategies that (1) are rooted in sound fundamental marketing principles and (2) are not easily duplicated by your competitors. Let us show you how our twelve years of experience in developing innovative strategies can help your company outwit your competitors and create a sustainable
competitive advantage.

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