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Our Enterprise SEO solutions apply advanced Internet marketing techniques, innovative optimization strategies and follow a best practices policy, closely adhering to the criteria and rules set forth by the search engines. We identify the ideal mix of custom search engine marketing strategies and services to accomplish our clients’ specific goals – ensuring both cost-effective search engine marketing services and quality results.

Why We’re Different

Many of the services and solutions provided in the search engine marketing world are driven by misinformation, false advertising and hype. Consumers are misinformed by self proclaimed search engine marketing professionals with little real-world experience, many business owners are stuck in the past not willing to give up their antiquated notions of what search engine optimization is all about (and what really works), and the large majority of online marketing companies promote technical website optimization, content marketing, blogging and artificial link generation as the “end all” to your search engine marketing woes. The truth be know, search engine optimization is not the same today as it was even seven years ago. SEO techniques, strategies, and tricks that worked previously do not work today. Unfortunately, many SEO companies still employ antiquated techniques while promoting a myriad of cool new tools – that while flashy in concept and appearance – provide little to help build a strong online presence or establish a sustainable competitive advantage for their client.

Our Approach

At Inteliture we employ only proven marketing models that are based on sound principles to create search engine optimization campaigns that provide meaningful long-term results for our clients. And while we employ the same analytical methodologies for each client, we develop unique and highly innovative strategies that enable each client to rise above the competition in their respective online market space.

While the specific Internet marketing services and techniques we use vary by campaign, we always employ a common five step approach: Industry Research, Competitive Analysis, Strategy Development, Implementation and Followup.

Industry Research

If you went to the doctor to get treated for a condition and the doctor informs you that a simple operation will fix everything before he even diagnoses your condition, would you go through with the operation? Of course not. Surprisingly, many business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs do exactly that when they sign up for a, albeit expensive, “Cookie Cutter”, one-size-fits all search engine optimization service. Before we launch a search engine optimization campaign for a client or even put together a proposal for a potential client we perform due diligence necessary to assess the “condition” of both your business as well as your industry.

Industry research is also essential for identifying what opportunity exists. Before you move forward with any type of campaign you must know if there is truly as much gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow as you’re envisioning that there is. We frequently come across businesses who have spent thousands of dollars with SEO companies optimizing their website only to find out after they’ve achieve descent rankings in search engines that the traffic they received was not nearly as profitable as they thought it was going to be, or that they optimized their site for keywords that attracted the wrong type of website visitors.

Competitive Analysis

The Internet is a dynamic and ever changing landscape of technology, consumers, and most importantly competitors. Search engine indexing algorithms evolve, directories modify and update their listing criteria, consumer demographics, search trends fluctuate, and your competitors are always trying to knock you out of the rankings. Before we conceive, develop or execute any SEO campaign we thoroughly review the competitive landscape for your industry, identify and get to know your major competitors and match your goals with your resources and capabilities. We carefully analyze the current online landscape for your consumer demographic and develop a comprehensive strategy designed to help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for your business as well as a positive ROI. We cannot reiterate enough how important competitive analysis is to the success of a search engine optimization campaign.

Strategy Design

The key to a successful SEO campaign is an innovative and effective strategy. Search engine optimization is not simply a function of having the best coded website. It’s not about having a lot of content or largest number of incoming links either. While these elements play a role in developing an effective organically driven SEO campaign, creating a winning campaign is all about creating a winning strategy. A winning strategy incorporates what you’ve discovered about your industry and competition (via in-depth industry research and competitive analysis), a best-practices approach to on-site and off-site optimization, as well as your company’s resources and capabilities. The Internet is so competitive these days that without an innovative and effective strategy your SEO efforts will likely yield poor results.

Implementation and Fulfillment

Implementation of a successful search engine optimization campaign is an extension of a sound strategy that was developed from industry research and competitive analysis. As part of our search engine optimization solutions we offer following SEO fulfillment services.

  • Keyword research
  • Meta Information Analysis and Optimization
  • Baseline Reporting
  • Comprehensive Website Audit
  • Link Popularity Audit, Analysis and Building
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Optimized Code Analysis and Recommendations
  • Optimized Content Analysis and Recommendations
  • Customized Link Building and Management
  • Strategic Website Design
  • Internal-Linking Recommendations
  • One-on-One Consulting
  • Account Management
  • Rankings Management
  • cheduled Optimized Code/Content Check-ups
  • Website Analytics
  • Monthly Recommendations
  • Quarterly Reviews

Follow Up

Effective search engine optimization is not a onetime proposition. Even with proper optimization it usually takes several months to get your website listed competitively in search engines, in the proper search category, with rankings for relevant keyword searches. Without continual monitoring and work many websites lose their search engine rankings to competing websites. The competition never sleeps and neither should you. Our Internet marketing solutions focus on long-term results ensuring that your business website succeeds today, tomorrow and well into the future.

It is not easy to set up and manage a highly successful search engine optimization campaign. Many companies fail because they do not have the knowledge base, experience, and expertise. Let our experienced team of search engine optimization experts make your search engine optimization campaign a success. To discuss with one of our consultants ideas and strategies for your company’s search engine optimization campaign contact us today.

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